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“We seek the comfort of another.
Someone to share and share the life we choose.
Someone to help us through the
never ending attempt to understand ourselves.
And in the end,
someone to comfort us along the way.”
-Marlin Finch Lupus

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.”

“Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose
beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.”
-Kahlil Gibran

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”
-William Shakespeare

“To love someone deeply gives you strength.
Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao Tzu

“Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.”

“Love is that condition in which the happiness
of another person is essential to your own.”
-Robert Heinlein

“The spaces between your fingers were created so that another’s could…

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Lorna's Voice

If I’m breaking the news to you, please know that I am sensitive to the solemnity of the occasion.

Andy Griffith, probably best known to most of us as Andy Taylor, the sensible and honest sheriff of the fictional town Mayberry (modeled after a Griffith’s birthplace, Mount Airy, North Carolina), died today.

Here’s how CNN broke the story on the Interwebz: “Griffith died at about 7 a.m. at his home on Roanoke Island, according to Dare County, North Carolina, Sheriff J.D. “Doug” Doughtie.” Click here for the full story.

This should clear up any questions you may have about the definition of irony. Thank you, CNN.

And may peace be with you and your loved ones, Andy.

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Thủy Đạm Nguyệt

Chương 22 – Tiếp tục trèo

Editor: Tiểu Phong Hoa

Beta: Tiểu Điệp


Tôi nhìn sắc mặt lão Dương có vẻ không ổn, trong lòng thầm cảm thấy bất thường vội kêu to tên hắn. Lão Dương bị tôi làm giật bắn mình, lập tức phản ứng lại, sợ đến run rẩy mà đứng khựng tại chỗ.

Hai chúng tôi vội lao tới, truy hỏi hắn vừa rồi định làm trò gì.

Lão Dương nhìn nhìn cái cây rồi lại quay sang nhìn nhìn chúng tôi, dè dặt đáp: “Tớ cũng không biết nữa, quái đản thật, ban nãy thoáng nhìn thấy cái cây này đã có cảm giác quen thuộc lắm, bỗng nhiên muốn…leo lên.”

Leo lên? Tôi ngờ vực nhìn lão Dương, ngẩng đầu nhìn cây, tự thắc mắc tên này đâu phải khỉ, kiểu gì mà thấy cây lại muốn trèo lên liền hỏi hắn: “Hay…

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Ninali's Snap 52

I’ve been having some issues with my camera trying to load pictures and spent all week trying to get them loaded to no avail.  I decided I would go ahead and post a few of my faves from last year and also a picture I was able to get off my phone from Texas for last weeks post…because even though I know no one is counting…I am 😉

I took this photo in late January of 2011 in Denver, Colorado in the first month of my 365.  We were at an old train museum and our friend’s son was having a birthday party on the train car.  It was a great setting and a perfect moment I captured of my husband and Isaak.  Can you all tell how much he adores his children?  Anyhow, the date on here shows March 2nd because I was on bed rest in the hospital…

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There Is An Easy Way To Lose Weight 457563

Salons and spas have been offering body wraps for years. Unique Hoodia Codes Now they have become the newest way to lose fat. The truth is, you may lose weight and inches but the loss is temporary. It may last up to a week but the loss is entirely water weight and will be regained. This article will discuss the pros and cons of body wraps.

A very helpful tool for those who want to lose weight is a support group. Fortunately, many online support groups are now available. If you have decided to make the commitment to lose weight – don’t do it alone! Join an online support community, in addition to, any “live” weight-loss communities you may be considering. These communities feature literally millions of generous people, all focused on a common goal. That goal is to lean on each other while you give and receive encouragement and support. Instead of weighing yourself once a week or once a month, you should try weighing yourself maybe once a day or more. By doing this, you allow yourself to make any adjustments needed so that you can lose weight faster. The key to weight loss is all about making small and simple lifestyle changes. You can start the path to weight loss in easy ways, like eating more vegetables, walking more and avoiding processed sugar. Your small goals accumulate over time and you’ll be more likely to stick to them.

Avoid putting too much emphasis on the weight loss. Although this is your #1 goal, if you are putting too much emphasis on this stage of your life, it can become too overwhelming to proceed healthily. You want to make sure you understand that you are still beautiful and that weight loss is for health. A great weight loss tip is to get rid of your television. You don’t have to actually get rid of it, but if you reduce the amount of time you spend watching television, you’re more likely to be more active. Staying active is important if you’re trying to lose weight. Remember that scales do lie”well, they’re misleading” when you’re on a diet. If you’re also exercising and are putting on muscle, this means you’re also putting on weight, even if you are losing fat. So instead of standing on the scale, break the tape measure out of the dresser drawer.

The benefit of a body wrap is really softer, smoother skin. Uniquehoodia Gordonii Vitamins Minerals During the treatment, you will sweat and remove some toxins from the body but, like water weight, the toxins will eventually return. Body wraps are probably best for someone who wants to look a bit slimmer for a special evening or weekend. Regular body wraps are not dangerous as long as you remain hydrated.

Gerentes Qalbu

Tak terasa sudah akhir pekan lagi,Menikmati udara pagi di kota bandung tepatnya Cimahi Kota , Udara yang suejuk kalo bernapas nyes..nyess… terus di keluarkan dari mulut keluar asap.. wuih seger re… Ditemani secangkir kopi hangat sambil nongkrong dari atas loteng , punggung tersinari mentari pagi menambah kenikmatan suasana pagi.” Jangan bilang bilang ke orang lain ya tadi subuh aku engga mandi soalnya dingin banget sob ” 🙂 .

Sengaja aku bangun pagi meskipun hari sabtu libur untuk beraktivitas maksudnya kerja.. , Biasa kalau pagi – pagi saatnya cuci mata lihat mojang – mojang parahiyangan yang mau pergi beraktivitas , yang mau berangkat kerja , yang mau berangkat kuliah dan yang paling muantabs lihat anak – anak SMA mau sekolah, Tiap kerja hari nonkrongin  komputer radiasinya mengakibatkan mata kurang awas , nah seakan jernih lagi kalau lihat yang bening – bening mah.

Selain itu aku dapet resep dari temen – temen…

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